jueves, 12 de junio de 2014

our new york father who art in heaven , hallowed be my surname , race , color and friends shit your gallery and your little puppie give us this shit our dayly donuts : and forget you and well all the anti genuin artist that excrement in your mouth to be in your benedict museum where you are employ of yourself to pay less taxes , and you welcome the anti -artist to become THE ARTIST TO this advertacing world. blow jobs with class with out class stand up the weak sensitive man wake up the old lame woman all the submitted , with out a voice , incomplete silent, invisible today people like you that abuse the genuine the incocent . u will see : and go with the little man , like i look the birds like i admire the lame girl , the deaf man , the handycape boy , the transexual parents that do a great job. i go with free dogs far away for street dogs . with out sucess , just loving . i come to burn to eat your pictures . i came with flowers, to disolve in your eyes with anger in my words but with more peace in my heart .