domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

i cry new york i cry and dance .

i cry flowers
when my plants die
i cry spring water
When I see that my dream with you are far far away.

and you dance ,
The other dance.
in that strange mood
And you :
strange dance

back memories from another world
is new York

i dance silly new York
in my apartment out side the water
i dance uncoordinated
In my island , in my boat , in broken wild heart .

i cry for the Hudson River
from the Williamsburg bridge
i cry for 5 av, 2 av, 1 av , Washington square ,
In the name of east village, west village , I eternally cry for the old New York.…
i cry when i see how the city die , for the lost gangs, the real artists/
i cry when i see the tourist in soho,
I cry for the jews , for the latinos, the china town , for the chileans that live in New York , I cry , sadness I cry .
i cry for my memories of you in Mexico
I cry for the distance of us.
I cry for the hole of in the city that will kill me next year .
I cry music :
I cry for the small dogs of the short mundane people, I cry for all the lost new yorkers.

again is your face,
your sad face
and i cry with a smile
i cry .
inside the gym
in that tacky gym i cry lifting a weight
calor , dolor , humedad
pain , humidity ,
something else
from my roof of Brooklyn , from my root ,
All I could do was cry and dance .
Cry and dance .

sábado, 3 de marzo de 2012


quien sabra
que detras de matta
no hubo mata
sin raices.
quien sabra de mi
si no hubo mata
sin dolor .
escondido en la ciudad infantil de los ratas ( art dealers)
pintando menos que federica matta
en el tiempo
de ustedes.
2014 mata.