jueves, 9 de diciembre de 2010

i will explain you a few things

in rebellion of a list of lost love
when you pretend that you dont see me -men.
alive cristal,
pole magnetic , so diferent strange kind of people we are.
cristal in your own cristal
and you fire in your own fire
and you still pretend that you dont see me anymore
you are filled with precious stone .shine shine your self
your work runs your life
you train , you work, you make more money for more money
and im here
in that silence of the stone
may be im lost entangled in threads of gold
or may be
ir may be
you must see that im your town
out of your american race
that is another blood
that me
that me
in my seed of another flag
i hope that ou will see old boy
trasmigrate and return