martes, 28 de junio de 2011

secret telepath

from plant, to be a tree.
tree that bears fruit.
from to want, to love is a long way short.
be people who harmonizes my life.
protect the mother earth and my heart.
love at first in the last 24 hours.
love hidden command only with my thoughts.
you again married , im widow, married with you in your fate.
Love sounded dream,
water to fire ,you all the days I fall in this mix firewater.
faces that make me happy looking.
eyes that only tell me more to be happy ...
your letter less.
your long hands touch me to saygood bye with that little thing.
do not mess with me.
invent my joy with my nonsense.
maps of the heart,
treasure of you
I travel in love, i dont fall till you let me know.
miracle. you.